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Non hazardous, hypoallergenic, highly efficient cleaning products

What are biotechnology cleaning actives?

Microbes are nature’s cleaners, we have more microbes than skin cells in our bodies, efficiently cleaning and digesting organic matter. We have harnessed Nature’s Power and have the World’s largest collection of cleaning Microbes. The microbes provide the residual cleaning action in our products but the initial clean is mainly done by Fermentation Extracts and Green Surfactants.

Fermentation Extracts are produced by microbes and added into our products to provide immediate cleaning action.

Green Surfactants We only use bio surfactants that conform to our 99.99% ultimate biodegradability over 28 days according to OECD test 301. These wetting agents also provide immediate cleaning action. 23 years of R&D has led to the perfect blend of these actives


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