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Fantastic Results
Mukul Bhalla – Director. Cleaning Freaks (NZ)
Hey Mike, Hope you are doing great. I am writing this email to bring to your notice the positive feedback regarding the products your company supplies. We have been using “InnuScience” for some time now and we have witnessed fantastic results. Our client’s have felt that the site we work on has an eco-friendly touch to it thanks to “kleen smell” (All Purpose Cleaner). The cleaners have worked with quite a few products in the past but at this stage they prefer reordering only the InnuScience range such as “GripPlus” and “Action3” and find it quite user-friendly and safe to use. Few of our customers have also advised our cleaners that they are quite happy with the feel of the place after the clean has been done and this largely depends upon the solution we use for our clean. In terms of cost effectiveness, we believe your products have worked out In terms of cost effectiveness, we believe your products have worked out perfectly as we only require a small quantity per site per clean for a complete job in comparison to the other products we have dealt with. Also the information printed behind every bottle which directs the cleaners to use the product optimally hence avoiding any sort of wastage. The Team at The Cleaning Freaks is quite impresses and satisfied with your products and have also recommended it to our network every time someone enquires. Our order quantity would serve as a testament to our appreciation. Keep up the great job!

Great Product – Eco-Friendly
Adam Hodge. Master Cleaners (NZ)
All Purpose Cleaner I have used this product and it’s a great product. The best thing about this is it’s a BIO (eco-friendly) based all-purpose and washroom cleaner. After using it leaves a long lasting smell that eliminate odours at the source. I also got feedback from one of my customer in Newmarket, a Child Care Centre who said that it smell nice when they enter in the building in the morning. I use it to wipe the table as well and the marks on the tables come off very easily. I would like to use this product over and over again.

It really does work!

Grumpy and Pam traveling New Zealand in “Our Wheel Estate”
A lot of camper vans, buses and caravans suffer from a sewerage odour after traveling any distance due to the sloshing effect of the black tank. addwater septic liquefier is the only product that we have tried that actually stopped any residual smell at all after a trip. It really does work! We appreciate that we may need to increase the dosage in the summer and hot weather but at present we are using 150mls in a 150 litre holding tank over a 7 day period. Septic liquefier really has eliminated any odour from the tank during traveling and while parked up.  A pleasure to open the loo door and not have any sewerage smell at all. 

Praise From Cleaning Staff
Simon Adnerson. Club Manager Invercargill Workingmens Club 
Recently we changed our cleaning products to the biosolutions range and I will say fromthe staffing point of view, it came with great worries. After only three weeks, that all changed. I have had nothing but praise from all of my cleaning staff. The cleaning products are easy to use with no residue or odour issues. We even have one lady who has psoriasis on her hands and had to wear gloves with everything when cleaning, even though the gloves irritated her hands as well!She came to me last week and showed hands that had no gloves and were very clear and she was proud to say “Ilove this stuff, no gloves, no reactions… we are not changing this are we?” The smile on her face was priceless when I said we had no plans to change at all. Congratulations to Chris and the Biosolutions team on a product range that is not only cheaper to use but obviously better for our staff and our premises.

Included With Every Grease Trap
Mactrap Grease Traps (AU & NZ) 
MACTRAP specialises in design, manufacturing and distributing grease and oil separators in New Zealand and Australia. We supply the full range of grease traps – from external passive outdoor grease traps to internal automatic under-bench grease removal units. We find that the fat oil and grease being removed from our under-bench unit (Mactrap Grease Boss), as with any grease trap from time to time, can give off odour. For this reason, to help eliminate any smells, we suggest our customers use Biosolutions’ No Odour™. We now enclose a bottle of No Odour™ with every Grease Boss we sell and we find it works very effectively helping to eliminate odour around the grease trap. When required, a quick spray around the grease trap and in the filter tray seems to do the trick! Also for our grease converter models, the grease trap contents being grease, oil and other food waste can be effectively treated by dosing the grease trap in the evenings after the kitchen closes with the required amount of the Biosolutions product called ‘Grease Trap’

Attractive Cost Structure & Effectiveness
Mike Cassidy. GM, Mangere Cosmopolitan Club 
Hi Mike. I just thought I would offer a few words in support of your cleaning products that you showcased in our club at the Auckland area meeting in March. Firstly the staff are the surprise for me in that they have products that are so identifiable so easy to refill and use and that actually work. These products have made their jobs easier in that cleaning now is a lot more simplistic. For me, it is the obvious cost structure that is very attractive and the effectiveness of the products. We are using the Action3 degreaser on our kitchen filters each week before washing them and it is just too easy. Having recently re-carpeted the Club the Carpet spot cleaner is so handy, especially on our colour splashes that show marks easily. Once the cleaning is complete the last application is with the Smell Plus – it works, the place smells great. Staff have no excuses for not keeping table tops clean- one of the biggest gripes in any establishment – Smell Plus is quick and easy.

Multiple Benefits For Our Club
Junior & Jody Ka. Manurewa RSA Club 
Hi Mike, We have been using the products supplied by Mike and have noticed a vast improvement in a very short time. The Advantages I have noticed thus far are: • Product would last 2-3 months longer than I would purchase on a monthly basis with other products. • Dramatic reduction in cleaning expenditure. • Consolidation of cleaning chemicals. • The volume of products can be stored away with ease which means a downsize of storage and cupboard space. • Environmentally friendly to use. I have used various products (Hazardous) to get rid of areas that have been challenging. I have used “Action 3” to be the best in challenging areas. On a daily basis and used correctly I have noticed the floors becoming clear and tough areas improving each day. The vanities and toilets look cleaner with “Bio Scrub” which is crucial in the most common areas and leaves a clean spark. Another great product is “Kleen Smell” which is an all-purpose cleaner. My favorite is the “Smell Plus” product, the men’s urinal is a common area for strong odour which is neutralized and immediately replaced with a pleasant fragrance. A good product to use at very busy times within the club. A clean club is paramount in which we take pride, using the products Mike has given has made our job a lot easier in terms of storage, usage, and most of all a big reduction in costs.

Removing Dirt From Grout & Floors
Craig. Star Cleaning Services 
Just wanting to let you know, we have had great success with the grip plus tile cleaner. This has made our job so much easier with removing dirt from the grout and floors before we seal them. We have tried it on Terracotta tiles, Porcelain and concrete floors and this product works extremely well on all. We have just done 130sqm of polished concrete floors in a cafe, this was extremely dirty, we ended up with outstanding results, our client was very impressed.

Up to HACCAP Standards
Stefano Leone. Coral Strands Hotel 
Thank you for your professional help and courtesy. You made a big difference, as a result the kitchen is up to par and finally HACCAP STANDARDS. Our Kitchen has a brand new image compared to what it was before. Looking forward to working with you to implement a great HACCAP STANDARDS at the Coral strand Hotel

Multiple Staff & Visitor Benefits
Jean Marchland. Casino de Montreal 
Results from a Trial at Casino de Montreal • Elimination of employee and visitor health risks related to the use of cleaning products • Marked reduction in work accidents related to the use of cleaning products • Neutralization of urine odours in restrooms • Elimination of mineral build-up on urinals • Elimination of high-VOC metal deoxidizers • Marked reduction of oil stains in parking lots


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