Septic Liquefier

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addwater™ Septic Liquefier is made using biotechnology that is designed to turn solid matter in to liquid. It's bacterial formulation helps eliminate odour problems, blockages and overflows that are frequently associated with septic tanks and portable toilets.


  • Septic tanks
  • Portable toilets
  • Vehicle & boat ablutions
  • Holding Tanks

Directions & Dosing

Septic Tanks

  • Initial treatment - Flush 500mls directly down the toilet.
  • Weekly dosage - Flush 250mls directly down the toilet.

Portable Holding Tanks

  • Initial treatment - Mix 250mls with 1 litre of cold water and tip in to the tank.
  • Weekly dosage - Mix 100mls with 1 litre of cold water and tip in to the tank.


 Packed in New Zealand to ISO9001-2008 and GMP international certification. Made in Canada by Innuscience. Distributed by Biosolutions Group Ltd, PO BOX 128-007, Remuera, Auckland 1050, New Zealand. Please read the Safety Data Sheet before use.