Laundry Liquid



Ready to use laundry liquid

Makes 100 loads at 25c per load


addwater™ Laundry Liquid is made using biotechnology designed to wash all fabrics including microfibre and textiles. It is pH neutral and bleach free making it gentle on you, your clothes and the environment.

  • 100 wash loads per 1 litre
  • Fragrance Free

Directions & Dosing

  • Washing temperature in water less than 30 ºC.
  • Dose 10mls per wash load for either top or front loading machines



Bottles may vary from pictures. 500ml & 1 litre concentrates come in dosing bottles. 1 litre ready to use products come in 1 litre spray bottles. All other sizes come in relevant jerrys or pails. Packed in New Zealand to ISO9001-2008 and GMP international certification. Made in Canada by Innuscience. Distributed by Biosolutions Group Ltd, PO BOX 128-007, Remuera, Auckland 1050, New Zealand. Please read the Safety Data Sheet before use.

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