Grease Trap Liquefier

Grease Trap Liquefier

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addwater™ Grease Trap Liquefier is a great maintenance product for grease traps and drains that contains an active flora that biodegrades grease and other organic matters.


  • Grease traps

  • Drains in food processing plants

  • Restaurants

  • Food courts

  • Anywhere food is prepared, processed or served

Directions & Dosing (May vary depending on trap)

  • Initial treatment – Pour 250mls up stream from grease trap
  • Daily dosage - Pour 50mls of up stream from grease trap

Click here to download the technical data sheet

    Packed in New Zealand to ISO9001-2008 and GMP international certification. Made in Canada by Innuscience. Distributed by Biosolutions Group Ltd, PO BOX 128-007, Remuera, Auckland 1050, New Zealand. Please read the Safety Data Sheet before use.