Biotechnology Benefits

High Performance & Ecological 

Our range of solutions are powered by Innuscience and are capable of cleaning anything the eye can see, from ceilings to floors, kitchens to bathrooms, grease traps to urinals….there is nothing we can’t handle. We take an Ecological Approach by using a good bacteria to effectively break down bad bacteria in the form of grease, oil and dirt. In other words our ingredients contain bacteria, fermentation extracts (enzymes) and surfactants that are scientifically formulated to consume the basic elements contained in organic compounds. By consuming these compounds, namely Oxygen, Carbon, Sulfur, Nitrogen and Phosphates, we are able to maintain a very high level of performance without compromising efficiency.

Cumulative Effect Keeps On Working Between Applications 

As Addwater products are bacteria based, they keep on working after application, so ongoing use results in easier long term management.  The residual solution left after cleaning continues to act to remove the ‘bad’ bacteria for some time.

Environmentally Friendly & Scientifically Sustainable  

Our range of solutions were created specifically to offer people and the planet a better product that was safe for everyone and everything. Gone are the days where harsh chemicals are part of your daily life, instead make way for a simple product that is scientifically sustainable. Our products are;
– pH Neutral
– Non Toxic
– Hypoalergenic
– Non Hazardeous
– Non Carcinogenic
– Non Pathogenic
– Safe for Users, Plants & Animals
– Safe for Aquatic Life

Cost Effective & Practical In Use

Businesses and consumers alike put a lot of emphasis on the cost of goods which is one of the things that really makes our range unique. Our highly concentrated products have dilutions ranging from 20:1 to 1500:1 meaning the in use cost can be extremely low. For example, our all purpose cleaner diluted at 150:1 (150mls of water to 1ml of product) means that a 1 litre spray bottle mixed up costs around 50c making it extremely economical.

This results in lower costs as well as;

  • – Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • – Reduced Storage
  • – Reduced Transport
  • – Reduced Packing Material
  • – Sustainable Procurement
  • – Lower Environmental Impact
  • – Healthy Users
  • – Improved Productivity

What are the biotechnology cleaning actives?

are nature’s cleaners, we have more microbes than skin cells in our bodies, organic matter. We have harnessed Nature’s Power and have the World’s largest collection of cleaning Microbes. The microbes provide the residual cleaning action in our products but the initial clean is mainly done by Fermentation Extracts and Green Surfactants.

Fermentation Extracts 
are produced by microbes and added into our products to provide immediate cleaning action.

Green Surfactants 
We only use bio surfactants that conform to our 99.99% ultimate biodegradability over 28 days according to OECD test 301. These wetting agents also provide immediate cleaning action. 23 years of R&D has led to the perfect blend of these actives.

Addwater products, powered by Innuscience for over 23 years.


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