Case Studies

Case Studies

Urine, what makes it smell so bad?

Everybody has a story about themselves or a fellow comrade that’s had an accident of sorts. The kind that might go unnoticed for a while or the kind that leaves an unpleasant natural fragrance. Either way there is a reason urine smells they way it does and why it can be so difficult to get […]

Case Study – The coffee stain

This week we see one of our favourite products come to the rescue with Nu-Karpet Kare literally lifting a coffee stain from a duvet cover. Our sources have it that a coffee soaked jumper, from a previous spill, was left to soak on a bed for a few hours before being noticed. Then with out […]

Floor cleaning: Why do we do it?

The development of biotechnology-based floor cleaners is helping to clean up the world in more ways than one. Not only are these cleaners often more effective than their traditional counterparts, but they are safer to dispose of, less aggressive and often more cost effective than traditional options. So why do we clean our floors? To […]

How to care for your septic tank

Rural homes, beach homes, holiday homes & older homes often rely on septic tanks for their sewerage treatment and disposal.  As long as these units are properly maintained and their disposal fields protected they should give many years of trouble free service.  In fact, property owners are required to have their tanks pumped out at […]


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