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People, Planet, Performance and Profit

The 4 P’s. By concentrating on the four P’s, People, Planet, Performance and Profit we have created a holistic solution for removing harmful chemicals from the environment. Our products use a formulation mix of good bacteria (bacillus subtilis), fermentation extracts and surfactants designed to remove dirt at the source and create an ecological environment. This makes them safe to use, economical, environmentally friendly and most importantly effective ! Our mission statement at Earthed Choice is to endorse Innovation and provide sustainable products that meet the needs of today without compromising the future generations to come. 

Biotechnology Solutions for 23 Years in 30+ Countries

In 2016 Addwater (by Innuscience) was born in New Zealand with the aim of giving New Zealanders and Australians easy access to innovative, natured powered cleaning products that are biodegradable and safe for all. It is now available in Australia through Earthed Choice Pty Ltd, and also in over 30 countries globally. Addwater’s cleaning solutions are powered by Innuscience (Canada) and are capable of cleaning anything the eye can see, from ceilings to floors, kitchens to bathrooms, grease traps to urinals….there is nothing we can’t handle. Our range of cleaning solutions take an Ecological Approach by using a good bacteria to effectively break down bad bacteria in the form of grease, oil and dirt. In other words our ingredients contain bacteria, fermentation extracts (enzymes) and surfactants that are scientifically formulated to consume the basic elements contained in organic compounds. By consuming these compounds, namely Oxygen, Carbon, Sulfur, Nitrogen and Phosphates, we are able to maintain a very high level of performance without compromising efficiency. 

Our service in New Zealand & Australia

Commercial Cleaning Industry –We supply bulk concentrates and some ready to use solutions for the commercial cleaning sector. Cost per litre of use is extremely low with dilutions typically at or less than 10ml per litre of cold water.

Hospitality Sector – Our range of Innuscience products are used widely across the hospitality industry around the world. With speciality products developed to assist in Housekeeping, Food Preparation, Washroom and front of house we can assist with all facets of Hospitality cleaning.

Consumer Direct Products –For consumers, we provide a limited range of concentrates in smaller quantities meaning anyone can access the benefits of Biotechnology for cleaning around the home, caravan, boat or shed.


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