Case Study – The coffee stain

karpet kare fabric spot and stain remover

This week we see one of our favourite products come to the rescue with Nu-Karpet Kare literally lifting a coffee stain from a duvet cover.

Our sources have it that a coffee soaked jumper, from a previous spill, was left to soak on a bed for a few hours before being noticed.

Then with out further ado Nu-Karpet Kare was used by misting it over the spill several times before gently rubbing it with a wet cloth. From there that was it, no paper towels, no soaking or using the washing machine, instead that afternoon the mark was gone.

The way it works is simple, the Innuscienceā„¢ super concentrate is mixed with water bringing the bacterial formulation to life. The formula, consisting of a good bacteria, breaks down and eliminates the food source or in this case the coffee.

The product is designed to lift stains on all fabric surfaces and can be diluted for general fabric cleaning or for spot spraying.

We retail the product for $39.95 for a 500ml dosing bottle. This bottle, diluted for general cleaning at 1:150 will make 71 litres, that’s less that 60c per litre!

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